Case Studies

Air permeability testing a new build in Skye

North Scotland new build built airtight with MVHR

Heat, Space and Light Ltd has completed the fabric airtightness permeability testing and design, supply and commissioning of an MVHR ...
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Retrofit MVHR system installed by Heat, Space and Light Ltd under stairs

MVHR retrofitted carefully into mid-20th Century home low energy renovation

The Heat, Space and Light Ltd team has completed the design, supply and commissioning of an MVHR system into a ...
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Cross-laminated timber beams on show with the MVHR supply valve at low level

Supremely Efficient Dutch Barn New Build with High Performance Cooling via MVHR

Heat, Space and Light Ltd has recently completed the design, supply and commissioning of an MVHR system with cooling via ...
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MVHR system installed into plant room next to Air Source Heat Pump and hot water cylinder

MVHR system balancing and handover in Surrey luxury eco new build

Our MVHR design and commissioning team has recently completed the detailed ductwork design, supply of materials and balancing of our ...
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External shading blinds incorporated into windows to keep home cool in summer - Heat, Space and Light Ltd 2021

How to design and build a new home in 2021 which stays cool in UK summers (case study)

The top-ten warmest years in the UK have all occurred since 2002 according to the Royal Meteorological Society. And as ...
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Early construction forensic air pressure test improves new building’s fabric air permeability by 50%

Forensic Airtightness Testing and Strategy by Heat, Space and Light Ltd has helped a new build home in Dorset achieve ...
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90mm semi-rigid ducting in webbed joists and passing through core-drilled blockwork wall for MVHR system

90mm semi-rigid radial MVHR ducting installation in London deep energy retrofit

The first fix MVHR installation of a 90mm radial ducted Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system continues. Designed and ...
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Flat 51mm semi-rigid ducting running pinned neatly to ceiling joists to prevent loss of room height

Flat 51mm ducting MVHR system installation in low ceiling building

The Heat, Space and Light team has designed and supplied a flat 51mm semi-rigid ducting MVHR system for a home ...
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Old MVHR unit before replacement in the loft

High performance MVHR upgrade to improve home comfort

Heat, Space and Light Ltd has replaced and re-commissioned an under-performing MVHR unit with a brand new 91% efficient Zehnder ...
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Airtightness Test Kit mounted in hallway of London retrofit 2021

Forensic airtightness test gives 30% lifetime heating bill savings

Heat, Space and Light Ltd technicians have conducted forensic airtightness testing on a renovated London Victorian end-of-terrace. The results of ...
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Loft-fitted Zehnder Q350 MVHR with pre-heater by

MVHR retrofit design and installation in a 100-year old cottage

We have completed the design and first fix installation of a Zehnder Q350 MVHR system with ComfoTube ducting into a ...
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Cotswold new build is 55x more airtight than Building Regs and 3x more airtight than Passivhaus

It is subtle and understated in its impact on UK housing, but this new build bungalow home is one of ...
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