Why heat, space and light?

Whether you’re building your own home from scratch, renovating your home or creating an extension, there are always three fundamental points to consider before you start building:

Heat, space and light.

Get these three points right and comfort and happiness in your living and working space will follow.

I work as a project manager for a low energy building design company that specialises in using the building physics from PassivHaus and EnerPHit architectural design standards to create comfortable, luxurious and low energy homes and offices.


The most comfortable indoor temperature for humans is 20ºC (68ºF). To get this temperature even across your room you have to take a “fabric first” approach. High-performing insulation in your walls and triple-glazed windows are key here. Insulation will last the lifetime of your home or office, and if it’s installed correctly, will reduce the draughts and cold spots that make living spaces uncomfortable.

Creating a warm space comes down to simple ideas. You can have the most beautiful and expensive furniture in your home, but if there’s a cold draught under your doors you won’t ever be able to truly enjoy it.


What estate agents call “cosy”, we call cramped. But huge, cavernous rooms are equally difficult in creating a comfortable living space. If space is at a premium (and it certainly is in capital cities like London), clever design and pre-planning is crucial in maximising space available to you.


Light gives life. Light makes us happy, regulates our waking and sleeping patterns and allows us to work and play and have fun. Getting the placement and sizing of your windows correct is key to bring light into the room, maximise solar gains (ie, heat from the sun entering your home in winter months),

But huge windows bring their own problems. Privacy, heat loss, condensation and noise pollution can all be issues, but we know how to solve them using building physics principles.

Read through our articles and feel free to contact me directly at Patrick[@]heatspaceandlight.com if you have any questions about creating your low energy and luxuriously comfortable living and working space.