Space-saving MVHR in small London end-terrace new build annexe

Heat, Space and Light has installed an MVHR system into a small two-bedroom home built on what was previously the side garden area of a London end-terrace.

With a floor area of less than 95m2, every square metre counted for this project internally.

The Heat, Space and Light design team worked very hard to ensure that the MVHR unit and ductwork were carefully considered to minimise taking up any useful room space or ceiling height.

To ensure this the MVHR unit was installed in a small, tightly-packed loft area at the top of the house that can now also be used for storage.

MVHR carefully installed in small loft cupboard

Semi-rigid ducts with a diameter of only 75mm were run in a radial pattern between joists to each room.

Vaulted ceilings with MVHR ducts

This meant that no services ceiling void was needed, and ceiling heights could be vaulted right to the underside of the roof to create an airy, open feel to the small home.

Room valves were located in the ceilings to maximise airflow coverage. In the vaulted bedrooms we designed the supply points as high level air grilles at the top of the fitted wardrobe doors.

Lamina supply air grille installed into wardrobe door in vaulted ceiling bedroom

These lamina grilles will gently propel air into the rooms to provide healthy indoor air, but also looks great and in keeping with the sleek, minimalist design.

MVHR supply air lamina grilles fitted high level in fitted wardrobes vaulted ceiling

Externally the home is clad like a work of minimalist art in black metal and timber sheeting to accentuate the interesting profile of the building’s multiple edges.

MVHR installed in black-clad eco home central London

The dark cladding also helps minimise and disguise the home at the end of the street, to keep it in sympathy with the rest of the homes.

The MVHR roof cowls are near invisible on a sloped roof away from the street side, to draw in cleaner air where heavy particulates won’t reach.

All in all the home has a cool, modern feeling in what is a wonderfully-considered use of a small parcel of land in a highly sought-after area of London.

Careful ductwork design for small homes

One of the common questions our team is asked is whether ducts can fit into smaller homes without taking up useful living space. This project, plus many other of our retrofit home MVHR installs, demonstrates that with careful design and working together with the home-owner it can be done.

If you’d like to discuss an MVHR system for your own home or build project please contact us or fill in the free MVHR design tool form.

Eco home built on side garden land at end terrace with MVHR

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