Why double-glazing doesn’t solve your comfort issue – and can make it worse

See if any of this sounds true to you. You live in a typical English home. It’s made of brick, it has timber-frame and single-glazed or double-glazed windows and woolly yellow insulation stuffed into the rafters in the loft. It was built after the first or second world war in post-boom Britain. You spend £800 … Read more

PassivHaus design specifications explained

Building physics is a relatively new science that’s only recently started to gain ground in the UK construction industry. A lot of builders nod agreeably when you mention “PassivHaus”, but not many know what it means when it comes to actually building your future home to that standard.   PassivHaus takes a “fabric first” approach … Read more

EnerPHit – the low energy design spec for London retrofits

Passivhaus isn’t the only option for creating a low energy eco home in London. EnerPHit is a similar standard incorporating airtight, high-quality insulation with a mechanical ventilation system, but the certification is a little more lenient than PassivHaus.  That makes the EnerPHit standard the perfect choice for home-owners in the UK looking at low energy … Read more

Passivhaus in the UK

Passivhaus is a German low energy design specifications that you can consider incorporating into your home, office or self-build projects to lower your energy bills and increase your comfort and health. Passivhaus focuses on a building physics-based, “fabric first” approach that takes into account five key areas of the external fabric of your living space: … Read more