Passivhaus in the UK

Passivhaus is a German low energy design specifications that you can consider incorporating into your home, office or self-build projects to lower your energy bills and increase your comfort and health.

Passivhaus focuses on a building physics-based, “fabric first” approach that takes into account five key areas of the external fabric of your living space:

  1. the highest-performing insulation on your walls
  2. no cold draughts through your windows and doors
  3. triple- or double-glazed windows
  4. a ventilation strategy of “airtightness”, to lock in the warm air your home creates and provide clean, fresh air
  5. The highest-performing micro generation technology (Solar PV, Solar thermal, air source heat pumps, battery storage and smart metering)

The number one priority for Passivhaus is the fabric of your home. Get the insulation right and you won’t have to think about it again for 80 to 100 years. Compare that to your boiler or your oven, which you can expect to replace within 20 years.

Insulation has the longest life expectancy and gives the highest payback in terms of heating savings and comfort levels. That’s why the Passivhaus low energy eco home prioritises “fabric first” so much.

Passivhaus knows that a home at 20°C without draughts or cold spots even in the depths of winter is a comfortable home. Everything within PassivHause and EnerPHit design specifications enforces comfort and luxury living alongside low energy solutions.

In the next article I’ll explain the full specifications a home-owner needs to take to reach Passivhaus certification.

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