MVHR retrofit design and installation in a 100-year old cottage

Loft-fitted Zehnder Q350 MVHR with pre-heater by

We have completed the design and first fix installation of a Zehnder Q350 MVHR system with ComfoTube ducting into a 100-year-old cottage that’s undergoing a low energy retrofit upgrade. The MVHR system will improve the indoor air quality, comfort and energy efficiency, but also protect the century-old building fabric by ensuring indoor humidity is dealt … Read more

EnerPHit – the low energy design spec for London retrofits

Passivhaus isn’t the only option for creating a low energy eco home in London. EnerPHit is a similar standard incorporating airtight, high-quality insulation with a mechanical ventilation system, but the certification is a little more lenient than PassivHaus.  That makes the EnerPHit standard the perfect choice for home-owners in the UK looking at low energy … Read more