Americans are going crazy about European tilt-and-turn windows…

The social media website Reddit is currently going crazy about a video on the internet showing a man opening and closing a pair of tilt-and-turn windows.

Here’s the video:

It currently has over a million views on Youtube…

Here’s the post on Reddit, which already has over FIVE THOUSAND comments. Americans can’t believe windows that open on four separate hinges actually exist.

My company has been making a triple-glazed tilt-and-turn sash replica window for the London market for six years now. The technology is perfect for low energy homes because the tilt-and-turn mechanism is incredibly airtight, which means warm air can’t escape and cold winds can’t get in.

Our own tilt-and-turn windows have been designed for homes in conservation areas and listed buildings, because from the street they look just like a traditional London sash window.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested in finding out about installing triple-glazed windows in your own property, and how you can get past tricky conservation officers’ rules.


UK European tilt-and-turn triple-glazed windows



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